Desktop Survey and Booster Design

This Desktop RF (Radio Frequency) Path Survey will give you the tools and the confidence to know that a Mobile signal booster and antenna configuration will work for you. Suitable for someone who wants to install the system themselves.

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    We can provide a full design and construct solution so you get the best result with professional installation. However if you really want to go it alone and do the installation yourself then this report will give you the right advice to design your system and get it working.

    Mobile Phone Boosters or Repeaters
    , help with better phone coverage in places where you may struggle to make a phone call. A simple design for a boosters system would consist of an external antenna on your roof, a Mobile Phone Booster and an internal antenna all connected by cables. 

    There are many different types of external and internal antennas which are useful in different usage scenarios, different types of cable, connector types, splitters, cable lengths, antenna heights, pointing direction, frequencies and more... getting the right combination could be the difference between getting a satisfactory result or not.

    Sometimes multiple internal antennas are requires to get the proper coverage and this requires more technical design to get it right. In our consultation and design process we take all of these factors into consideration for your particular situation and work out a design that is most likely to get you a positive result.

    You will receive...
    * Cell Tower research
    * Mobile Booster Design
    * Antenna recommendations
    * Antenna Pointing Instructions and more...