Mimosa - N5-360 4.9-6.4 GHz, 4x4 360 degree beamforming antenna for A5c

Upgrade your wireless network with the industry's first 360º antenna designed for Mimosa's A5c access point. The N5-360 antenna provides double the coverage area and extended reach, boosting throughput and delivering exceptional performance. With beamforming technology and a wide frequency range of 4.9 to 6.4 GHz, it offers unmatched flexibility and optimized throughput. Experience the power of 360-degree coverage with the Mimosa N5-360 antenna.

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    Introducing the Mimosa N5-360: Unleash the Power of 360-Degree Coverage

    Upgrade your fixed wireless network with the industry's first 4-port, beamforming, 360º antenna designed exclusively for Mimosa's A5c access point. The N5-360 antenna revolutionizes MicroPoP deployments by doubling the coverage area and extending reach by up to 60%, all while delivering exceptional performance.

    Unmatched Coverage and Flexibility

    With quad-180º overlapping antenna polarizations, the N5-360 antenna provides balanced dual-stream coverage over 360º of azimuth. This unique design enhances throughput, allowing for longer-range MicroPoP deployments, even in dense suburban areas. Plus, with a wide frequency range of 4.9 to 6.4 GHz, the N5-360 offers incredible spectrum flexibility, supporting licensed public safety bands and expanded frequencies.

    Optimized for Maximum Throughput

    The N5-360 antenna utilizes beamforming technology to achieve a 3 dB performance enhancement. This innovation ensures optimized throughput for your C5 and C5c subscribers, delivering faster speeds and improved connectivity.

    Reliable and Efficient Design

    With a compact and durable design, the N5-360 antenna is built to withstand challenging environments. Its 360º azimuth beamwidth and 8º elevation beamwidth provide comprehensive coverage, while the 2º downtilt optimizes signal strength. The antenna's four N-type female RF connectors ensure easy and reliable connectivity.

    Enhance Your Network Today

    Upgrade your fixed wireless network with the Mimosa N5-360 antenna and unlock the power of 360-degree coverage. Extend your reach, boost throughput, and provide exceptional connectivity to your subscribers. Experience the future of wireless networking with the N5-360 and Mimosa's A5c access point.