NanoStation M2 2.4GHz

Ubiquiti's NanoStation: Revolutionizing broadband CPE with sleek design, high performance, and affordability for versatile deployment.

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    Leading-Edge Industrial Design: Ubiquiti Networks revolutionizes broadband Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) with the NanoStation® series. The NanoStationM and NanoStationlocoM feature sleek form factors and integrated airMAX® technology, offering low cost, high performance, and compact design for versatile and economical deployment.

    Efficient and Compact: The NanoStation AC and NanoStation AC loco combine radio and antenna for maximum gain in a small footprint. These CPEs deliver superior performance at a low cost and are highly adaptable for various deployment scenarios.

    Dual Connectivity: The NanoStation M includes a secondary Ethernet port with software-enabled PoE, allowing easy integration of external devices like PoE security cameras for seamless IP video integration.

    Ubiquiti NanoStation NSM2 (2.4GHz) - Wireless Bridge & WiFi AP

    Key Features:

    • Connect remote locations and share internet between buildings
    • Output power: 600mW, Operation: 2x2 MIMO, Speed: 150Mbps
    • Integrated AirOS web software for easy control
    • Includes PoE injector and 240V AC adaptor
    • Enables high-speed point-to-point networking


    • Perfect for bridging networks or extending broadband coverage
    • Simple installation: connect units to Ethernet cables
    • Supports linking up to six remote buildings with NanoBridge AP-WDS

    WiFi Access Point (802.11b/g/n):

    • Set to AP mode for long-range, high-performance WiFi
    • Wide directional broadcast angle, ideal for outdoor areas
    • Follow Quick Start Installation Manual for setup instructions

    Ready to Install:

    • All-in-one, weatherproof design for permanent installation
    • Signal strength indicators facilitate quick alignment
    • Recommended roof mounting with integrated pole bracket
    • Powered via Power over Ethernet (PoE) for convenient deployment

    Important Note:

    For outdoor installations, surge protection is essential

    Ubiquiti recommends using two Ethernet Surge Protectors (ETH-SP)

    ETH-SP absorbs and safely discharges power surges for protection